This spunky little tabby is one of our “clinic cats”. She’s frequently spotted hanging out on the reception desk or napping on windowsills. Spazz was originally a shelter cat and developed stress colitis while in the shelter.  After months of unsuccessful treatment attempts, she was presented for euthanasia. While en-route to becoming a barn cat, Dr. Rocheleau brought her into the clinic.  It quickly became apparent that she was perfectly comfortable here and her problem cleared right up!  As she was literally unable to live anywhere else, Spazz became our clinic cat.




This pretty girl was literally thrown through the door of the animal shelter in Elliot Lake by her former owner. Covered in feces and matts, and completely terrified, SOS would attack anyone who approached her. Over several weeks at our hospital, she eventually became quite personable. Since she got along so well with Spazz, the staff insisted that she stay, and she’s been here ever since!






Affectionately known as Phyllis’s little office assistant, Tyler came to us from the shelter as a young cat with an extremely severe case of juvenile stomatitis. He stayed at the clinic for months, was on every drug and treatment possible, had all of his teeth extracted, and still wasn’t getting better. Around this time we purchased our therapy laser. As a last ditch effort, Tyler received therapy laser treatments, and like magic, his stomatitis was resolved. He now happily lives in our hospital.