Canine Total Knee Replacement

Canine Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is indicated for patients with severe degenerative joint disease, cartilage loss, failed cruciate ligament repair surgeries and patients with severe deformities or injuries involving the knee that cannot be successfully addressed by another surgical option. TKR involves removing all of the intra-articular structures, such as the cruciate ligaments, both menisci and all of the articulating surfaces of the femur and tibia, and replacing them with prosthetic implants made of titanium and polyethylene. Because this procedure is a “one-way street”, careful patient selection as well as good owner compliance is essential since a failed TKR is catastrophic and can result in loss of function or loss of limb. Patients who receive a TKR are restored to completely normal function and activity without pain or lameness. The implants are expected to last the life of the patient. Cost of Total Knee Replacement in our hospital is $4500 + HST. More detailed information on Canine Total Knee replacement can be found in the attached client education handout below.

Espanola Animal Hospital is the only facility in Canada certified to perform TKR and offering this procedure.

Please click HERE for the client information sheet for total knee replacement.