Espanola Animal Hospital offers its clients 24-hour emergency and out of hours care 365 days per year. Patients in hospital receive 24 hour on-site care provided by the veterinarian in residence. Our facility includes a large fully equipped intensive care unit which is able to house dogs and cats of any size.  Clients are welcome and encouraged to visit their hospitalized pets.  Our comfort room next to the new ICU provides a quiet and comfortable place for clients to visit and spend time with their unwell pets. 

We are proud to offer many advanced procedures normally only found in large referral centres. Espanola Animal Hospital has a very active transfusion medicine program and is able to supply blood products on-demand to our patients in need. Advanced pain management and continuous monitoring is provided for severely injured patients and orthopedic cases. Respiratory therapy is also available for patients with cardiopulmonary disease. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy is an integral part of our orthopedics service. Other advanced procedures such as orthopedic surgery, stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma, laser therapy, laser surgery and many others allow us to provide integrated care on-site to our patients.

We strive to remain on the “cutting edge” of medicine and are continuously upgrading our facilities, equipment and training to be able to offer the best, most current therapies available.