These exciting new techniques (synACART, allografts and OATS) allow us to repair or resurface large cartilage defects caused by diseases such as OCD and cartilage damage caused by meniscal tears.  This can allow us to repair and restore function to severely damaged joints.

OATS (Osteochondral Allograft Transfer System) relies on harvesting the patient’s own zonal cartilage from the side of the femur and transplanting it into a lesion elsewhere.  Allografts involve using donor grafts donated by deceased patients through Veterinary Transplant Services.

synACART is an artificial resurfacing implant that is similar to implants used in artificial hips and knees.  The implant is a high molecular weight polyethylene surface with a titanium-chrome alloy mesh backing for bony ingrowth. A more advanced version (CUE) is available for end-stage elbow dysplasia in dogs as a joint resurfacing/mini joint replacement. Cost is $850 + HST per joint. Referrals can be obtained by contacting the hospital through any of the regular means.