Proper diagnosis of orthopedic disease requires a complete, thorough exam of the entire patient and high quality, properly positioned x-rays. The exam starts by obtaining a thorough, detailed medical history including the specifics of the presenting problem(s) and any other issues, current or past, that the patient has experienced and current medications. A gait exam is conducted to determine the nature and severity of the lameness and involvement of other limbs. It is important to recognize that all 4 limbs need to be examined – not just the affected limb. It is very common for patients presented for orthopedic disease to have multiple problems, all of which need to be diagnosed and addressed in the treatment plan. A complete physical examination and part of the orthopedic exam is conducted on the awake patient. The patient is then administered a reversible sedative so that the exam can be completed.  This avoids causing discomfort to the patient, relaxes them so that orthopedic manipulations and physical tests can be properly conducted and ensures good quality x-rays are obtained. After this is complete, the sedation is reversed and the patient is usually standing and walking again within 10 minutes. An extensive client consult is then conducted to explain the diagnosis, pathology, and patient treatment plan. The total cost of the exam, sedation, x-rays and consult is $450 + HST. Referrals can be obtained by contacting the hospital through any of the regular means.