Orthopedics refers to the study and treatment of diseases of the bones and joints and encompasses a huge and complex brand of medicine. Orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled and trained persons with specialized knowledge of these problems and their various treatments. Our surgeons have many, many years of experience and specialized training and thousands of cases behind them in this discipline alone. We are committed to providing the highest possible standard of care and most current treatment options available.

We offer comprehensive case management from start to finish including emergency management of orthopedic trauma such as broken bones and dislocated joints. In cases of chronic or acute lameness, we offer complete orthopedic examination and diagnosis for problems such as hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, elbow dysplasia, “arthritis”, etc. Our diagnostic suite includes x-ray, ultrasound, and arthroscopy.


Appointments, Referrals and Emergencies

Appointments can be arranged by phoning the hospital during regular business hours, 9am to 5pm, 7 days/week at 705 869 0090. Referrals are gladly accepted and can be arranged by calling the hospital directly or through your regular Veterinarian. Orthopedic traumas and emergencies such as fractures and dislocations are accepted out-of-hours by phoning 249 878 4399 and having the Doctor on call paged. Please note that traumatic injuries such as hit-by-car should be attended to by your regular Veterinarian prior to referral. Temporary stabilization instructions for referring Veterinarians or other inquiries are also available through the same contact options.

The Give Me A Bone! Foundation

The Give Me A Bone! Foundation was founded in 2014 to give dogs and cats facing euthanasia or amputation for orthopedic traumas and injuries a chance at a normal, healthy life.

Every year in our area, a large number of orthopedic traumas occur, mostly in the form of dogs hit-by-car. Obviously due to our orthopedic service, these cases are of special concern to us. Unfortunately, a large number of these animals are either euthanized or amputated due to their injuries. We frequently receive calls from other Veterinarians for quote for fracture repair and shortly after receive a follow-up message that the animal was euthanized instead. In approximately 85% of these cases, the dog or cat is under one year of age. In response to this problem, we launched a foundation to accept the surrender of these animals so their injuries can be treated. 

The program works by giving Veterinarians in the area the option to offer surrender to the owner via one of the numerous area shelters and rescue groups. We then treat the animal at cost and permanently re-home them. Obviously as the surrender is permanent, the animal is not available for adoption to the previous owner or their friends/family. Participating shelters include the OSPCA Sudbury branch, Sudbury and District Humane Society, Pet Save Sudbury, Pet Save Manitoulin, SAINTS, and Pets Need Love 2.

In order to avoid imposing large financial burdens on our shelters with these cases, the foundation covers a large portion of the treatment costs. Due to the very large financial expense and the intense nature of providing care for these cases, we are always extremely grateful to accept donations of time and money to help keep the foundation operating. We are always happy to accept foster care providers into the program and provide the necessary training to enable them to care properly for these special pets.