Patellar luxation occurs when the knee cap dislocates and is both painful and a cause of chronic lameness and arthritis. It can be traumatic and associated with cruciate ligament rupture or is seen as an inherited defect in certain small breeds of dogs such as toy Poodles and Jack Russell terriers. It is often bilateral (both legs affected) and is occasionally also seen in cats. Correction of patellar luxation is a routine and relatively basic orthopedic procedure. Cost of uncomplicated repair is $2,500 + HST.  Please see the hand-out on Patellar Luxation for more information.

We provide comprehensive case management from start to finish and include many additional services at no additional cost to the client.  These services include laser therapy, physiotherapy, and platelet-rich plasma treatment of all affected joints to speed recovery time and assist with pain management. Referrals can be arranged through your regular veterinarian or by contacting the hospital directly at (705)869-0090 or e-mail