Espanola Animal Hospital has had a very active shelter medicine program since 2007.  In 2007, Dr. Rocheleau purchased the hospital from its previous owner specifically to be able to provide care to shelter pets to his exacting standards.  Dr. Rocheleau is a past-President of the Society for Animals in Distress (SAD) in Elliot Lake.  He believes strongly in the importance of Veterinarians and practice owners giving back to their community for the public investment made in their education and training.  Since that time we have treated literally thousands of pets waiting for homes in numerous shelters in our area.  This work is central to how our hospital operates and underlies the principle which each of our staff are charged with the day they start work in our facility; “treat every patient that comes through our door as if it was your own pet and apply the same standard of care no matter who owns it, even if there is no owner.

We currently provide care to patients from the SPCA, Pet Save, SAINTS, Furever Furbabies Rescue and the Ontario Weimaraner Rescue (OWRA).  We are grateful to be allowed the privilege to provide services to assist them in their important work. The services we provide include health management, infectious disease control, spay/neuter surgeries and general medicine and surgery for animals that are sick or injured.