BloodEspanola Animal Hospital is proud to operate the only Canine Blood Transfusion program in the Greater Sudbury area. Transfusion Medicine plays an important role in our practice. We’ve successfully treated hundreds of critically ill patients because we are able to transfuse them. We also make blood products available to other practices in our region if they would like them. We’ve even sent blood products as far away as Temiskaming! 


Blood products are used to help dogs that:

  • Are suffering from Parvovirus
  • Are being treated for anemia
  • Have ingested rat poison
  • Have suffered severe injuries such as being hit by a car
  • Have rare genetic conditions such as Von Willebrand’s disease or Hemophila A
  • Are undergoing treatment for certain types of Cancer

As a blood donor your dog will also get the benefit of:

  • Free Annual Heartworm Tests
  • Free Complete Blood Counts (CBCs)
  • Free Physical Exams (by Technician or Veterinarian)
  • Free Blood Donor Goodie Bag
  • Free Blood Products Should the Need Arise
  • Free Nail Trim*
  • Free Canine Blood Typing

*At the time of donation, if needed.

Blood Donor Requirements

In order to donate, your dog must be:

  • Between 1-8 years of age
  • Not currently on any medication (except for Revolution or Advantage)
  • Up to date with all vaccinations and annual physical examinations
  • Have a calm demeanor
  • Over 34kg (or 75 lbs)
  • Not vaccinated within the past 2 weeks

In certain circumstances our donors may be given a light sedation at the time of collection.

Blood donors will be called upon to donate a maximum of every 3-6 months.

The Donation Process

The scheduled appointment typically lasts for 1 hour at a maximum. After you drop your dog off, he or she will receive a physical exam and a blood test will be performed to ensure your dog is an appropriate donor and healthy enough to donate. Your dog will then be asked to lay on the table for the collection process. The collection process must be completed in a very clean and sterile manner, therefore, it is necessary for us to clip a small part of your dog’s neck and clean the area with a disinfectant.

The collection process itself typically lasts around 5-10 minutes. After collection, a cool compress is applied to the collection site. Your dog will also be offered a can of a nutrient dense diet called Hill’s a/d, to help combat any feelings of hypoglycaemia. This is similar to humans receiving juice and cookies after a donation.

If you have any questions or would like to become a part of the donor program, please contact the hospital at 705 869 0090 or by emailing