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The Espanola Animal Hospital has earned an international reputation for excellence. We have a special interest in orthopedic and spinal surgery and other advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures. We’re focused on providing the latest therapies combined with compassionate care, delivered by an extremely highly trained team.


We came from very humble beginnings.  Espanola Animal Hospital was established in 1989 as a small mixed animal practice in a remote rural area.  A lot of major changes have happened since that time and our practice is now a companion animal diagnostic imaging and surgical referral facility.  Our practice owner and sole veterinarian Dr. PJ Rocheleau developed an interest in orthopedic and spinal surgery and relentlessly drove our practice to the forefront of care in these subspecialties.  The underlying principle in this development was that just because we are in a remote area does not mean that we cannot aspire to and provide care that represents the pinnacle of surgical excellence.  In 2021 our practice relocated from our quaint little old house to a 12,000 square foot facility designed for and dedicated solely to this vision.


Our standard of care is simple – staff are expected to provide the same level of care to every patient that comes into our hospital that they would provide to their own pet.  Our team continuously updates their skills and knowledge in order to continue to provide your pet with the best possible care.

The Espanola Animal Hospital continues to grow rapidly and we are constantly upgrading our facilities and equipment. Our surgical suite is outfitted with an array of the newest equipment available for performing minimally invasive surgical techniques.  Anesthesia is performed and monitored by highly experienced staff using some of the safest and newest equipment available to the medical professions.  We have a large fully equipped ICU for managing critical cases and comfortable and spacious examination rooms for consults or spending time with hospitalized patients in our comfort room.


Our vision for the future involves further expansion to a 25,000 square foot campus which will include an educational facility as well as an advanced orthopedic clinical research laboratory.  Our primary focus will continue to be joint surgery and joint replacement. We will continue to advance our skills and offer more joint surgery and joint replacement options for patients from across Canada.

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