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Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to now offer numerous spinal surgery options for our patients with advanced imaging support provided by our portable CT machine. Surgeries are offered for a variety of disorders including spinal fracture management, decompression surgery for intervertebral disc disease (“ventral slot” and dorsal hemilaminectomy), lumbo-sacral stenosis stabilization (“cauda equine syndrome”) and stabilization of cervical spondylomyelopathy (“Wobbler disease”) and atlanto-axial instability.

In order to facilitate care to our patients for these disorders, a flat-rate fee of $3500 + HST will apply to all spinal surgeries. This fee includes all standard post-operative medications and laser treatments. The cost of the CT scan is not  Referrals can be arranged by contacting the hospital by any of the usual means.

For more information regarding pricing, diagnostics, and surgical techniques, please refer to the above handout or contact us directly. 

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