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Canine ACL Repair

We offer diagnosis, treatment and repair of damaged or ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs and cats, similar to ACL tears in humans. We offer Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) and various other current surgical techniques to aid in the treatment of this degenerative disease.


Cranial cruciate ligament disease is the most common orthopedic condition seen by veterinarians and represents approximately 70% of our caseload, with approximately 400 cases treated by us each year.  Unfortunately this is a surgical disease and no non-surgical therapy is currently available that achieves an acceptable long-term outcome.  With surgery however the prognosis is excellent for complete return to normal function, which is our goal for every patient we treat.

Espanola Animal Hospital offers advanced surgical techniques and uses only premium high quality implants in our procedures, manufactured by Arthrex, a leading human implant company.  All patients are treated arthroscopically as part of their TPLO procedure.  This means better treatment for your pet, less post-operative pain, a faster return to function and a better outcome.

Arthroscopic joint treatment is widely acknowledged as the gold standard of care and numerous advanced techniques have been developed here in our hospital. Dr. Rocheleau is a leading veterinary arthroscopist, is an internationally recognized expert and sought-after lecturer, and has an extensive publication history on this topic.  Numerous arthroscopic surgical procedures and several surgical instruments have been developed in our hospital which are now part of the standard of care in the profession.

We provide comprehensive case management from start to finish and include many additional services at no additional cost to the client.  The standard of care at our hospital includes a complete pre-operative orthopedic work-up including objective gait analysis on a pressure sensitive walkway (TekScan) preoperatively and at the 8 week post-op recheck.  Surgical treatment involves an arthroscopic exam and treatment, including meniscal repair if necessary, a TPLO which may be augmented with an internal brace for patients with hyperlaxity of their knee.  Post-operative care includes aggressive pain management, post-operative rehabilitation, cold compression therapy, and NEMS to speed recovery time and assist with pain management.


We are happy to accept referrals and are the only Northern Ontario facility offering this level of care. Referrals can be arranged through your regular veterinarian, which is our preference. Alternatively, you can self-refer by contacting the hospital directly at (705) 869-0090 or e-mail

For more information regarding pricing/financing, diagnostics, and surgical techniques, please refer to the above handout or contact us directly.

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