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Canine ACL Repair

Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to offer diagnosis, treatment and repair of damaged or ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs, similar to ACL tears in humans. We offer Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) and various other current surgical techniques. The repair choice is tailored to that which best suits the individual patient.

We provide comprehensive case management from start to finish and include many additional services at no additional cost to the client. These services include laser therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, platelet-rich plasma, cold compression therapy, and NEMS to speed recovery time and assist with pain management. Arthroscopic exam and joint treatment is performed on all patients.

​We are happy to accept referrals and are the only Northern Ontario facility offering this level of care. Referrals can be arranged through your regular veterinarian or by contacting the hospital directly at (705) 869-0090 or e-mail

For more information regarding pricing, diagnostics, and surgical techniques, please refer to the above handout or contact us directly. 

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