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Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a new Samsung Ceretom 8-slice portable CT to our diagnostic suite. We are thrilled to bring advanced imaging and surgical opportunities to our Northern Ontario pets after several years of planning.

​CT (computed tomography) is an advanced imaging technique that uses X-ray “slices” to produce images through a patient in multiple planes. Any anatomical or structural feature or condition that produces a space-occupying effect can be imaged by CT. These image slices can be viewed as individual frames or they can be reconstructed by a computer to generate a 3D rendering of the patient. These 3D renderings may be manipulated in space and tissue layers can be added or subtracted to allow the user to basically take the patient apart and look inside them digitally. The addition of surgical planning software or a 3D printer can allow the user to plan and practice complex surgical procedures on a plastic model of the patient in advance of the actual surgery.

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