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Canine Physio & Rehabilitation

Looking for canine physiotherapy/rehabilitation in Greater Sudbury? We're home to multiple certified rehabilitation practitioners! 

Kali Holz is certified through North Carolina State University, which is the most current companion animal rehabilitation program available. She very much enjoys working with clients and patients to achieve their goals and help them to feel strong, functional and happy again! 

Dr. PJ Rocheleau is certified through the Canine Rehab Institute. He is not currently seeing rehab appointments.

We have a very well equipped rehab area and are outfitted to provide rehab services for a wide variety of situations including:

- post-operative rehab for TPLO, fracture repair, and in some cases, total hip replacement

- post-operative rehab for neuro conditions including IVDD or spinal fracture

- rehab for FCE

- exercise programs for weight loss, fitness and conditioning 

- fitting for wheelchairs (we have a large inventory of Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs in stock)

- laser therapy 

Call us to discuss as rehabilitation appointments are extremely limited at this time. 

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