Dr. PJ Rocheleau, DVM, CCRT graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2004 and began his career in veterinary medicine at Espanola Animal Hospital as an associate in mixed-animal practise. He purchased Espanola Animal Hospital in 2007 and began developing an interest in orthopaedic surgery at that time. Since 2007, orthopaedic and spinal surgery has developed into his passion and primary professional activity. Since 2012 he has completed over 1500 hours of course-work alone in orthopaedics, spinal surgery and canine rehabilitation and is continuously involved in various continuing education and professional development activities. Dr. Rocheleau has performed thousands of orthopaedic and spinal procedures on Northern Ontario patients including over 1500 cruciate ligament surgeries, several thousand fracture repairs and over 2000 arthroscopic procedures.

Dr. Rocheleau’s current interests include clinical research, canine total joint replacement and 3D imaging and printing applications in orthopaedic and spinal surgery. He has developed or participated in the development of several new surgical procedures and surgical instruments, some of which are in publication and have already been incorporated into the curriculum in the training of new surgeons. He is currently a consultant with Arthrex Vet Systems on several projects as a researcher and developer.  Dr. Rocheleau frequently lectures at various international orthopaedic conferences and at local continuing education events for general practitioners.  Dr. Rocheleau is also the author of numerous publications that include peer-reviewed research, surgical technique guides and chapters in up-coming surgical textbooks.