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Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to be one of the two facilities certified in the country to perform micro and nano total hip replacement. We service the eastern Canadian provinces and accept referrals country-wide as well as from the United States. We also accept client self-referrals.

Our surgical team has been specially trained to perform total hip replacement in small dogs and cats. The procedure itself is very similar to a standard total hip replacement and requires specialized instrumentation. We are able to replace the hips of small animals ranging in size from 1.8kg to 9kg. Even if the patient has had a prior surgery such as a femoral head ostectomy, the previous procedure can often be revised to a pain-free, normally functioning joint. 

Scientific literature reports success rates of total hip replacement to be 95%. Once the painful, degenerative joint is replaced, patients are able to resume normal use of the limb. The implants are designed to last the life-span of the patient.  

Recovery is a relatively uncomplicated process that typically takes 12 weeks. The first 6 weeks after surgery the patient is kept quiet - on leash to go outside to urinate/defecate, and otherwise resting. At the 6 week mark, a set of recheck radiographs are obtained to check implant healing and stability.  After 6 weeks post-op clients follow the provided walking schedule and at-home physio exercises which ultimately returns the patient to regular activity by 12 weeks post-op. 

Micro and nano hip replacement provides our patients with a pain-free, normal joint and ultimately the ability to chase squirrels, mice, or jump up on the couch again!

Wondering if your pet is a candidate for Micro/Nano Total Hip Replacement at Espanola Animal Hospital? Get in touch with us!

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For more information regarding pricing, diagnostics, and surgical techniques, please refer to the above handout or contact us directly. 

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