Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre to compliment our surgical and regenerative medicine programs. Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy has been proven to be an integral part of recovery from most orthopaedic and neurological diseases. Physiotherapy has been the standard of post-operative care in human medicine for decades and is an important component of treatment of non-surgical disease as well as speed-up and improve post-operative recovery.

Rehab appointments are scheduled based on the nature of the case (ie. post-op cruciate repair, spinal disorder, post-op fracture repair, etc) and are charged either as a single treatment or sold as a package. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are able to be present when appointments are booked and we are unable to refund or credit missed appointments so please be sure that you are able and willing to attend appointments.

Our rehab area is located in the basement of our hospital, where we have a large dedicated space for therapeutic exercise and gait assessment. Therapeutic exercise is a central component of rehabilitation and something we focus a great deal of time both in-clinic and at home. Therapeutic exercise is always prescribed as part of any physiotherapy protocol. The client will be participating in rehab appointments with their pet and should be prepared to perform the prescribed exercises at home.


Because of our location in Northern Ontario and the large geographic area that our patients come to us from, it is not always possible for our clients to return to the hospital for regular physiotherapy. For these patients we are able to provide telemedicine services via either Skype or Face Time for i-phone users. This program has been phenomenally successful and while it is always preferable to have “hands on the dog”, we are able to do a thorough, complete rehab session by this means when necessary. Tele-rehab appointments are scheduled like any regular appointment and are the same length of time as what would take place in hospital. Progress reports and up-dated “home-work” are sent to the client by email after the session.

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Referrals can be arranged by contacting the hospital by any of the usual means.