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PennHIP & OFA Radiographic Evaluation

Espanola Animal Hospital offers both PennHIP and OFA radiographic evaluations of hip and elbow joints. These radiographs provide crucial insight into whether a dog is at risk of developing hip or elbow dysplasia long before the dog becomes symptomatic! 

While this is especially useful knowledge for breeders who want to be sure their lines do not include dogs who may carry the genes for hip or elbow dysplasia, owners can have these radiographs taken as a means of early diagnosis/management of a potential orthopedic problem.

The first two radiographs above were taken of a 1yr old CKC German Shorthaired Pointer. Although this dog's parents were health tested, the owner wanted to be absolutely sure that everything was OK. We discovered that this dog is actually at mild risk of developing hip osteoarthritis. In the third radiograph, it is appreciable how far the head of the femur can be stretched away from the acetabulum. This dog was a 8 month old Golden Retriever x Labrador Retriever. This dog was purchased as a puppy from a backyard breeder. He is at high risk to develop hip osteoarthritis, and unfortunately, not long after this visit, he began to show signs of discomfort in his hips. 

This appointment takes place under reversible sedation and is typically completed within 45 minutes. Results are available within a few weeks. If your dog is registered (CKC, AKC, others) please bring a copy of their papers with you. 

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