Espanola Animal Hospital is proud to now offer numerous spinal surgery options for our patients with advanced imaging support provided by our portable CT machine. Surgeries are offered for a variety of disorders including spinal fracture management, decompression surgery for intervertebral disc disease (“ventral slot” and dorsal hemilaminectomy), lumbo-sacral stenosis stabilization (“cauda equine syndrome”) and stabilization of cervical spondylomyelopathy (“Wobbler disease”) and atlanto-axial instability.

In order to facilitate care to our patients for these disorders, a flat-rate fee of $3500 + HST will apply to all spinal surgeries. This fee includes CT imaging both pre- and intra-operatively as necessary, all post-operative medications and laser treatments and up to 7 days hospitalization. Referrals can be arranged by contacting the hospital by any of the usual means.