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Espanola Animal Hospital Announces Construction Of $3.5 million Referral Hospital!

Espanola Animal Hospital is announcing the construction of a 12,000 square foot veterinary referral hospital in Sudbury! Located on a 2-acre parcel at the Hwy 17/Long Lake Rd interchange, the new facility will provide access to advanced surgical and medical care for Northern Ontario pets.

See Alana Everson’s report on the new facility HERE

The two-story facility will rival or exceed facilities in other parts of the province and will also function as an educational centre for other veterinarians and their hospital staff. The new hospital will feature an 800 sq.ft canine rehabilitation facility, complete with gait analysis equipment and underwater treadmill, a large radiology suite to accommodate multiple x-ray scanners, CT and fluoroscopy, an MRI, two large fully integrated ORs with telemedicine capability, ICU with expanded patient capacity and all of the peripheral facilities to support these operations. Other specialty services are planned and will be announced in the future. The second floor will house a client lounge, classrooms and lecture theatres, an orthopaedics laboratory and skills lab, staff offices and lounge and several rooms to house visiting specialists and students. Land has been cleared at this time and construction is expected to begin in the next few months. The expected completion date is November 2020. The new location will help make care more accessible, affordable and closer to many of the population centres in Northern Ontario. Espanola Animal Hospital currently provides advanced surgical care and imaging to approximately 500 patients per year and this is expected to escalate dramatically with the opening of the new facility. Watch for further announcements in the coming months highlighting some of the other changes we are working on bringing to Northern Ontario with this exciting new building.

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