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Espanola Animal Hospital Gait Analysis Lab Now Open For Business!!

After many months of construction, we are now set up and collecting TekScan data on our patients! The TekScan is a pressure sensitive walkway that allows us to acquire gait analysis data on dogs and cats. This is a very expensive research-quality piece of equipment that will help us diagnose our patients, track their progress post-operatively and collect data for clinical research projects.

Kind of like the way your mechanic hooks your car up to the computer, when we "hook" your pet up to this computer it will tell us what each leg is doing with respect to weight-bearing and stride length and velocity. It is a highly sensitive piece of equipment and can acquire accurate data even on very small patients. It will also pick up things that can't been seen even by the best trained eyes! Numerous clinical trials are planned so watch for announcements in the coming months that your pet may be eligible for!

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