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First in Canada - Again!!

This time it involves the new Nanoscope technology that is dramatically changing the way we diagnose and treat joint disease and perform surgery. Formerly called needle scopes, these extremely small scopes allow us to get into very small spaces we couldn't previously access and also allow us to quickly and inexpensively diagnose joint disease that currently involve more expensive and often invasive procedures. Previous needle scope technology was difficult to use and had very poor image quality.

The new nanoscope produced by Arthrex changes that dramatically. The image quality is excellent, the equipment is very user friendly and durable and it can even be used for some surgical procedures such as knee surgery in very small dogs and cats and spinal surgery to treat paralysis. We are making diagnoses in just a few minutes that other veterinarians were struggling with for months! Many patients have had early ACL tears diagnosed that owners would not have known about until they showed up much later with potentially catastrophic damage. This technology will continue to develop and change how we do things in the coming years and we're thrilled to be on the leading edge of it!

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